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Course adjustment from the Cockpit

We don’t charge extra for “remote” adjusters. We believe the safest way to control your Sea Feather Wind Vane is from the safety of the cockpit. Not only can you adjust course, you can deploy and lift the servo rudder without leaning over the stern.

Backup Overload Protection

Named after the legendary Jester Challenger, Bill Churchouse, who modified his Sea Feather to be able to insert a pencil should the replaceable overload protection be tripped. The ‘Churchouse’ Pin can be inserted in a matter of seconds to keep you sailing.

One Bolt Removal

Should you need to remove your Sea Feather whilst not in use you only need to remove one bolt to slide the Sea Feather from it’s mounting block.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Available in lengths from 150mm right up to 500mm we can build our hinged bracket to mount your Sea Feather on most transoms in the optimum position.