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We recommend a qualified Marine Engineer fits your Sea Feather, however it is very simple to fit (usually four bolts for the main bracket, mounting the control line blocks and tiller hook) as shown in your technical drawings.

To get the best performance out of your Sea Feather it is designed to be run on the centreline of your boat. We don’t recommend mounting off centre.

Yes, you can easily remove your Sea Feather when not in use by removing one M10 bolt and sliding the Sea Feather out of its mouting bracket.

No, we set up each Sea Feather at our workshop before it is dispatched. Once mounted you shouldn’t have to modify the airvane balance weight, output arm height or pushrod length. We strongly discourage any adjustment without speaking to us first.


Whilst other manufacturers allow it, we do not. The propwash over the servo pendulum rudder can cause severe vibrations (regardless of brand) which puts unnecessary strain on the wind vane and your boat. If you’re motoring you’re generating power so we suggest using an electronic autopilot.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow visitors to our workshop, our registered office address is our home address and only for written communication. If you would like to collect your Sea Feather please get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.

The Sea Feather weighs approximately 18kg with it’s airvane and servo blade.

Unfortunately we only acquired the technical drawings and spares for the Mk6. If you have an older model or are unsure please get in touch and we can see if we can help you out.

Firstly check the M10 bolt the rudder pivots on hasn’t been over tightened by mistake. Very occasionally after first use or at the start of the season (if you have revarnished at the end of the previous season) the servo pendulum rudder “takes up” (absorbs a small amount of water) and can become tight in the sideplates. This is a natural occurrence in wood and in boat building is what seals the joints in wooden boats. It can be easily remedied during the end of season maintenance.

It is very hard to judge exactly how much each rudder will “take up” or how thick each applied coat of varnish is. It may mean you will need to remove a small amount of material from where the servo rudder sits in the side plates using a random orbital sander and re-varnish as instructed in the maintenance guide.

Full maintenance instructions are included in the user manual but put simply you should wash your Sea Feather with fresh water after use and lubricate the bushes with 3-in-1 oil on a monthly basis.

One of the key attractions to the Sea Feather is the ability to adjust the air vane, deploy and retract the servo rudder from the safety of the cockpit, all included in the standard price!  There is no need to lean over the back of the boat whilst underway to adjust the course or lift the rudder once you’re ready to hand steer.  


As we are a small company we are not VAT registered so we don’t add VAT on top of the price.

At this moment in time we do not ship outside of the UK however this is something we are looking at. Please send us an email and we can let you know the current situation.

As we are a small company, to keep costs down we only accept payment by bank transfer. We will supply you with a full invoice including bank details and goods will be shipped upon payment received.

Each Sea Feather is shipped on a fragile service, which means no automated machinery is used and each parcel is hand sorted seperately. Your custom built Sea Feather will be delivered in a heavy duty cardboard box, with custom shaped polystyrene packaging that holds your wind vane securely. We choose polystyrene as it is simply the best way to protect your wind vane on it’s journey to you and contrary to popular belief is 100 % recyclable. We do suggest you keep the box and packaging in case you need to send your Sea Feather back for servicing in the future.

A complete install for a boat with a tiller typically costs £2499 + Delivery, however each install is priced individually so please get in touch.

Firstly get in touch, let us know what boat you have and ideally send us a picture of your boats transom so we can see if there is any hardware already fitted to your boat that may affect the mounting (boarding ladders, exhaust outlet etc). We will then send you a form to complete that asks for a few key dimensions so we can design the correct bracket for your boat.  

You will receive your Sea Feather Mk6 complete with Mounting Bracket, Air-Vane, Servo Rudder, all the lines, blocks, bolts and tiller or wheel fitting required to fit your wind vane.